Saturday, July 01, 2006

The trouble with Euros

The people that is. One of the focuses of this blog is the necessity for the United States to adjust to a changing world. The biggest of these global changes is the unprecedented peace-time decline of continental Europe. Since our foreign policy priority has been Europe and our main allies European for the last century or so, this will require some changes in the way we think. It is of course difficult since no one alive today can remember anything different. Examples of Europe’s decline are its declining share of population, economic output, etc. which can be seen here and in the manufacturing post a couple posts below. It is also hampered by the inability of its major two countries, Germany and France, to deploy military power overseas in a big way. Probably the major cause of their future geopolitical impotence is failure to prevent or to cope with their hordes of unassimilated immigrants. Even though Europe is still capable of some support, the only direction Europe is heading in the long-term is down; not something to which we should get too attached.

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