Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Barack Obama will o-bomba Pakistan until it ba-rocks

I don’t write many blog posts anymore but there is a steady if smallish stream of visitors and this story is quite a whopper.

Well the media is giddy since Obama is showing the country he's tough, grrr, he's tough. Unfortunately for us and the world, the kind of toughness Obama is displaying is precisely the kind of poorly thought out toughness for which liberals are famous. The reasons why invading Pakistan is a bad idea are as numerous as they are sundry. To name a few that come immediately to mind (although apparently not to Obama's mind after several days), Pakistan is to some degree an ally, has a population of 170 million, has nuclear weapons that could easily fall into terrorist hands, is mountainous, borders a major important country (India), it’d be difficult to support large operations there, would block our access to Afghanistan, etc. etc.

Why then when it should be so quickly evident that this a foolish idea that could quickly make Iraq look like a minor operation would Obama even discuss doing it? Well during last year’s fighting between Hezbollah and Israel I mentioned the lashing out to look tough mentality of the left,
“It's not obvious that the Israeli government has a clear idea of what it is doing. While the campaign appears to be a typical interdiction campaign to prepare for a ground invasion, it could also just be the outgrowth of a hit back and look tough policy that Olmert has lost control of. Olmert’s Kadima government is essentially left-wing and such poorly thought out strategic policies are common amongst left-wing leaders (think Bill find-me-an-aspirin-factory-and-empty-tents-to-bomb Clinton and Lyndon find-me-jungle-to-carpet-bomb Johnson).”

I suppose if he is elected president we’ll have to add Barack find-me-a-madrassa-to-smart-bomb Obama to that list of Democrat luminaries.

Obama wanting to invade a perhaps not active enough ally while feting our active enemies basically sums up everything that is wrong with the majority of the Democratic Party’s foreign policy views. While pretty much all Democrats are in favor of appeasing our enemies in Tehran, Damascus, Caracas, and Pyongyang, I know not all Democrats would support invading Pakistan. However, whether they want to “get tough” with Israel and Saudi Arabia, cut business ties with the UAE and India, or anger important allies Japan and Turkey with demands of apologies for past behavior they are still in favor of treating our allies worse than they would treat our enemies.

I suppose with a Democrat Party that doesn’t understand if you punish work and reward sloth you get more of the latter and less of the former it’s too much to expect Democrats to understand that punishing allies and rewarding enemies doesn't increase the former or reduce the latter.