Wednesday, July 05, 2006

N Korea launches, world dithers, what else is new

It appears North Korea went ahead with its missile launch on the fourth. This should not be at all surprising to anyone (the fact the oversized bottle rocket only lasted 40 seconds should also not be surprising). There is nothing serious that we or the rest of the world are willing to do to stop Mr. Kim so he has nothing to lose (see here). Oh of course we all “protest” and issue dire warnings. We solemnly intone that the most isolated nation on Earth has "further isolated" itself. A U.N. emergency meeting is called. Meaningless sanctions are threatened. Even more meaningless papers are signed and mailed to Pyongyang. The world stands together in outrage except that any action beyond threats and declarations is blocked by Russia and China. No one complains about their unilateral disregard for the will of the world. Then we will act super surprised that after all our huffing and puffing, little Kim’s house hasn’t come tumbling down. Those who understand the real value of the U.N. will continue improving their position while those who pretend the U.N. has any purpose beyond soothing Europe's hurt feelings over their loss of power in the world will continue to lose. So sadly predictable.

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