Friday, August 11, 2006

Some suggested reading

Caroline Glick of the Jerusalem Post has written an editorial (here) that excellently spells out what is at stake in Israel’s war against Hezbollah and why it is important to the free world that Israel wins. I would recommend regularly reading her editorials anyways as she is one of the smartest and insightful people in Israel (or the rest of the world for that matter).

Meanwhile over at the National Review there is a copy an article (here) that does a great job explaining the inevitability of war with Iran.

Both are concepts that I’ve been writing about for the last month (I know I should have written about them earlier, but my blog hasn’t even been around for 3 months yet). Nevertheless, since both of these writers are paid for their work their articles are both much longer than mine so they are both good reading.


  1. War, death and destruction is a strange way to gain anything.

  2. Yes indeed orhan, but sadly it is how things always have and always will work in the world.

  3. Anonymous5:52 AM

    Not a gripe, really, but only something for you to consider: In the future, consider excerpting a small passage or two (a few sentences or a paragraph only to avoid copyright issues) of the article and posting it in your blog. This will further illuminate your intent, strengthen the overall blog entry (check your grammar, too!), as well as provide incentive to follow those links to the read the articles.

    In other words, hook us by using their words. (Do not post large excerpts.)

    That said, always try to find an opposing viewpoint and post it--initially without deliberate bias--which can then be used as fodder for a healthy debate amongst your readers. You can even debunk it, should you choose. One-sided bloggers (and there are far too many of them) become tiresome. Challenge [question] your own viewpoints from time to time, look for alternative suppositions; things are never black and white, not even military tactics. It's always shades of gray. Give us both sides. Get the reader involved by adjusting your presentation slightly. You can, however, always state your opinion.

    Or you can do whatever you like, of course.

    You may very well be knowledgeable in history, but you haven't yet learned what it takes to engage a reader by making that history interesting and to the point. Perhaps you will, in time. Don't give up trying.

    Finally, your "About Me" may need some reconsideration. Keep it short, skip the parenthenticals, and let your postings do the talking. Nothing goes without saying...

    Best of luck.

  4. If I wanted to know that much about such things I'd be getting an english or other such worthless degree. Of course it's a one-sided blog, it's my blog, my side. It's clearly stated what side that is so if people want a different side they can go elsewhere. Since I don't get paid based on ratings, if people tire of it or aren't "hooked" then they tire of it or aren't hooked. What's more important is that I don't tire of it by wasting time on such matters. In other words, don't care. Thanks and thanks for taking the time though.

  5. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Okay. Like I said, you can do whatever you like. I only said it was something to consider, not that you had to do anything. My prior 'best wishes' still go out to you.

  6. The message comes through and i'm sure that is your intent. I like the blog, keep em' coming.