Thursday, June 28, 2007

Some year old yet still relevant thoughts on Illegal Immigration

I probably should have done this earlier seeing as the Senate has somehow managed to bow to public opinion on illegal immigration already. At any rate, since this is a major issue of the day here are a three posts I wrote about last years "comprehensive immigration reform" that work equally well today.

The first compares the economic dislocation of mass low-skill illegal immigration to the Latifundia of ancient Rome which were instrumental in destroying the Roman Republic's economy.

The second compares the social upheavel mass low-skill illegal immigration to the social upheavel caused by the mass importation of barbarian foederati to the late Roman Empire.

The third and last one deals with my ideas for dealing with illegal immigration. Some of it is standard fare, secure the border and attrit, but some of it is new I think (I can't be certain of course) such as a plan to fly captured illegals to southern Mexico instead of bussing them to the other side of the border and an idea for every increasing terms at a detention center (1 month second time, 2 months third time, etc.).

Even though the Senate ended the President's dreams of being "El Grande Gringo" this is still an important issue of course. Although we are in no where near as bad a position as ancient Rome on this issue I think history, and common sense, shows it could potentially cause major crises down the road.


  1. ... and both parties are involved in treating the issue as a political football--particularly the left.

    Glad to see your retirement is not absolute.

  2. Yeah, because immigration reform like Bush and the Senate wanted isn't something whose supporters are confined to one side of the political spectrum like most issues. So each party has a minority of people who demand it(business and wealthy W.A.S.P.'s on the right, govt unions and racial identity groups on the left). Makes for an issue that will be kicked around a lot as those groups use their influence in the government to push for changes that most voters don't want.

    Thanks for the interest though I'm still essentially retired.

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