Tuesday, February 06, 2007

An Iraq Series: Where we are heading, Why we're there, and so on

Seeing as declaring Iraq to be a “debacle” that has “destroyed” America’s place in the world seems to be all the rage today I figure I would do a series of posts dealing with different aspects of the Iraq war from an unabashedly pro-war perspective. Hopefully I will touch on some issues that you may not have heard of so that whether you were for/against it from the get go or for it before you were against it there will be some food for thought. The first part, as the most important part, deals with the prospects going forward of Bush’s overall strategy not just in Iraq but with the war on terror in general. The second part looks back at my reasons for supporting the invasion of Iraq which only peripherally overlap with the official reasons and which also pre-date the Bush Administration. The third part deals with the mistakes we’ve made, as best as can be determined from this still early date, from the standpoint of what we can learn from them. The last part is whether and to what extent this has damaged our place in the world.


  1. This should be interesting.

  2. Thanks for the pre-interest. I intended to have the first post at least done but it took a little longer than expected.

  3. I'll wait with bated breath.

  4. We fight an enemy that wears no uniforms or other definitive markings from the general population. In WWII, we easily recognized the enemy by their outfitting - not so here.

    In a country where everyone may be the enemy, we continue to fight a war of kindness so we do not alienate the general population.

    We fought this same kind of war in Vietnam - it did not work then and it will not work now. It is our failure in Vietnam that emboldened the enemy (terrorists) to 'take us on'.

    We cannot lose in Iraq - no matter what the cost - for if we do, we will fight them here from within our cities.