Monday, November 06, 2006

Saddam & The Gallows, A Perfect Match

The upcoming executions of Saddam Hussein and his assorted henchmen are a truly historic moment. Provided they aren’t stopped by some freak judicial intervention, they will represent a rare moment in history in which a monster ruler has received justice in this life. All too often these human beasts get away with their crimes and depravity. Only a few have met their maker through worldly justice; for every Vlad the Impaler, Adolf Eichmann, or Benito Mussolini who do, there are countless men like Josef Stalin, Mao Tse-Tung, Ivan the Terrible, and Jimmy Carter (note: Simpsons humor) who do not.

Thanks to the skill, dedication, and hard work of the Coalition Forces and Iraqis who want a better future, Saddam will soon be listed with Vlad and not Ivan in the history books. This is not to argue that the price was worth it, or that we should have invaded, or anything like that. It is only to say that it is good to see justice being served to one of the worst dictators of a century that had all too many. Wherever one stands on the Iraq War, pro all the way, con all the way, for it before you were against it, this should be something that we can agree on. Once Saddam is in God’s court, we can get back to squabbling over Iraq.


  1. Anonymous6:09 AM

    That's great that you admit the fact that Saddam is a dictator and that he killed many people,as we all admit, BUT..

    Don't you think that the compare between hundred and some killed by him,and thouthands killed by American administration in Heroshema,Nagazaki,Iraq..etc(the number may be 1000000) isn't logical?!!!!

    This American administration must be presented to a just court,same like Saddam did,before it create courts to punish others.

    Note:I don't hate you or American people,I just hate the tyrant of American administratioin.

    I have a post called 'The funny judge' on my blog,if you want to read it.


  2. In my eyes Saddam has always been a tyrant although to most in power he only became a tyrant when he invaded Kuwait. Beiofe that he was sucha friend of the people who would bring him down that they armed him.
    Hypocrisy but i agree with the jist of your post that saddam deserves all he has coming to him and then we can concentrate on Blair and Bush's day in Court.

  3. Well since the point of the post was we can all agree saddams death sentence is good, and since typing with one hand limits the length of my response, I'll just say we all agree on that and leave the otyher disagreements for later. Thanks for the comments.

  4. I find anonymous's and lucyp's comments somewhat garbled, innaccurate and confused. And perhaps a more computer conversant person could find the blog of anonymous, but I couldn't even if I were moved to do so.

    But Jarod, your posts show a considerable degree of thought and sophistication. I was rather puzzled by your inclusion of Jimmy Carter in a group of monsters. While I have areas of disagreement with him, I honor him considerably more than several of our other Presidents.

    It rather pains me to say so, because fundamentally committed Christians so often seek my out for interminable debate in the attempt to convert me, and I hate to be seeming to encourage such things, but I find it refreshing that you have managed to state your perspectives with minimal references to god or scripture.

    I have, for a plethora of good reasons which I won't inflict on you here, been agnostic from an early age. This stance has not always been easy to maintain but it has always held me in good stead.

    It is remarkable that there are areas of common ground in perspectives as divergent as ours are.

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