Monday, October 23, 2006

Why I Oppose the "Cut Off the Nose to Spite the Face" Republicans 2: Illegal Immigrant Amnesty

This follows my last post about why I will vote Republican (even for Republican moderates like DeWine and Pryce) this election despite not being entirely enthralled with the Party’s performance. The last post covered defense spending and this one will cover illegal immigration. The reality is that just as the Democrats can do lasting damage to our country and the world by not providing the military with a sufficient budget, they can also cause permanent damage with illegal immigration. It's, of course, not 100% certain that this will happen, but it is devestating and likely enough to be very concerned.

Within the government, the only check on the liberal-Bush illegal immigrant amnesty plan was the House Republican caucus. The notion that amnesty will not move forward despite the elimination of this sole check is lunacy. The prospect of another “immigration reform” bill is very real and worrisome following a Democrat win in November. Again, the Republicans are not perfect on the issue but they are far far better than the Democrats. So much so that I really do not understand why some Conservatives who say this is their number one issue are so willing to throw out the Republicans and see their worst nightmare happen.

The basic premise behind this is that a Democrat House/Congress will not “accomplish” much over the next 2 years beside raising the minimum wage and limiting defense spending. Similarly, President Bush will also be unable to get anything done in his last two years. About the only major issue that both the Democrats and the President agree is illegal immigrant amnesty. Is there any doubt that if they don’t instantly recognize this that they will by the end of the session? They both will have the desire, interest, and power to see that an amnesty happens; what more do they need?

The Democrats in particular will like the results of an amnesty. True the natives may not like it so much, but as the Republicans who think it’s a good idea to cut off the Republican nose to spite the Republican face plan to show, all that will happen is they won’t vote so as to teach the country a lesson. As far as the Democrats are concerned it’s win-win. The Democrats understand that native demographics are working against them. Birth rates in blue states are at European level deathbed levels compared with reasonable rates in the red states. Simply put, basing your political power on DINK’s, single women, Episcopalians (along with other so called Christians) and homosexuals is not a recipe for long term success. The Democrats need new blood and the 10-15 million illegals are just what the doctor ordered in their eyes.

This would be nothing surprising for a leftwing party. Leftists are the same the world over so it is instructive to see how other leftwing parties are dealing with similar situations. In the Low Countries the socialists reacted to the increasingly rightwing voting habits of the natives by allowing immigrants to vote. The effect was to allow them to hold onto power in the recent elections that they would have lost without the immigrant votes. The downside for the country is that the Muslims are demanding Islamic government policies. But the Leftists keep their power a little longer and that’s all they care about.

Fortunately we have not allowed our immigration problem to get as out of hand as Europe’s, but a similar policy could still lock in a permanent Democrat majority. The country is, at best for conservatives, broken about 53-47 (right-left). In total votes all it would take to swing that is around 7 million. I think the Dems will be able to manage that at some point out of the 10-15 million illegals to which they granted citizenship and welfare. Even should the natives revolt at such a policy, the best we can expect is we will get a small conservative majority. It won’t take long for enough new illegals to arrive, and cut off the nose to spite the face Republicans not voting, for the Dems to eventually become a permanent majority. While this won’t move our politics in an Islamist manner as is happening in Belgium and Holland, it will move it in a Latin Socialist manner.

Admittedly, it will be a constant fight to prevent this outcome. Big business, a faction of the Republican Party, and the entire Democrat Party are too in bed with illegal immigration to make amnesty go away. All it will take to see one occurs is for Democrats and/or the pro-illegal faction of the Republican Party to control the Presidency, House, and Senate. Right now the pro-illegal Republicans control the Presidency and the Senate. Republicans who oppose an amnesty will simply turn over the only one of the three opposed to an amnesty to the pro-amnesty Democrats by not voting. This will cause the issue, and by extension the country, that these Republicans care so much about to be permanently lost. Quite a price to pay for a temper tantrum.


  1. I don't think that immigration is the most pressing problem at the moment. Realize that immigrants are coming to the US in pursuit of the American Dream. Our country has needlessly killed 600,000 innocent people in Iraq, and is spending billions of dollars a month - mostly wasted. There are no controls on this money. Our children will be the ones who have to re-pay it.

    ...and you know, unless you are an American Indian, your ancestors were immigrants. In fact, we all are. America is great because we are african, hispanic, asian, european, mexican... you get my point. That is part of our strength.

    The right solution is to define why all these immigrants want to come to our country from Mexico. Maybe it has to do with bad foreign policy - like Nafta. Maybe not. But unless we address the cause we cannot begin to find a solution. Kind of like an engineering problem.

  2. Firstly, thanks for the comment. You're right, immigration isn't a problem nor did I say it was. The problem is illegal immigration. It would be great if we could assimilate everyone coming here into the American dream, but given the lefty multiculturalists that isn't going to happen. Instead they are forming into a permanent helot population. Whatever immigration reforms we should enact, ILLEGAL (important word that) immigration has to be, and can mostly be, stopped. Simply being born a short walk from the border and not in India or Poland shouldn't give them a pass to the front of the line.

    At any rate the focus of the post isn't the rights or wrongs of illegal immigration, it's about conservatives who oppose an amnesty not voting and thereby ensuring an amnesty occurs (which is why I will most definitely be voting).

    A few other points, common sense and a little knowledge of history will instantly reveal that we haven't killed 600,000 Iraqis. That's twice the number of Iraqis who were killed during the 8 year Iran-Iraq War, and despite the medias and liberals biggest fantasies, Iraq is no where near that level of violence (more detailed statistical analysis if that flawed study can be easily found online). I'm not sure how NAFTA would be a cause of illegal immigration since it both allows the jobs to go to the Mexicans rather than vis versa and it helps develop Mexico, but whatever.

    Yes I have Indian ancestors (paternal grandmother precisely) though its irrelevant. Also irrelevant is the immigrant point, everyone was an immigrant here (I don't think the Indians just sprung out of the American soil 15,000 years ago) as everyone else is everywhere else for that matter. I'm also quite familiar with illegal immigrants from Mexico having grown up in a small south Texas town where they outnumbered the legals. They aren't bad people, which is why our problems will be no where as bad as Europe's. However, just because a 10 foot fall isn’t as far as a 20 foot fall doesn't mean it's a great idea to fall 10 feet.

  3. I agree with this post as well. I've heard from many Democrats that the evangelicals are going to stay home as well this election. Personally, I think most are probably intelligent enough to know that not voting is like supporting everything they're against including abortion and family values. Like you say it is quite a price to pay for a temper tantrum! A price that I hope most are not willing to pay!