Saturday, September 02, 2006

Leftists are the same everywhere

How is a congressman to react when the outgoing president of the opposite party who won the recent election is about to give his State of the Union speech? If he’s leftwing, he’ll react by storming the stage and refusing to allow the president to speak of course. That’s one of the ways the left in Mexico is dealing with its narrow defeat in the July 2nd elections. It’s also blocking roads, holding mass protests, and otherwise making as much a mess of things as they can.

Fortunately for us, thus far our leftists only sit on their hands at the State of the Union, complain bitterly, imagine vast rightwing conspiracy after vast rightwing conspiracy, and otherwise make as much a mess of the courts as they can. Even prior to the 2004 election, the left admirably managed to limit itself to petty vandalism, a few burglaries, and a couple cases of assault and more serious destruction of property. However, as with the Mexican left still holding a grudge over what they claim was a stolen election in 1988 (mentioned here), how much longer before we see this sort of misbehavior and serious violence from the Democrats?

Hopefully the Democrats will instead realize elections are not street ball and will lose their "if I don't win I'm taking the school's ball and going home" mentality.

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